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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Practicing for the Sheep Hunt

Gregg and I leave on our Brooks Range sheep hunt in less than 2 weeks - so what better way to get ready than to go hiking in Kodiak's own mountains and hunt deer? On Friday night Gregg and I pretended we were sheep hunting and put everything we plan on taking on the sheep hunt into our packs - all except 10 days of food and the SAT phone - and headed up into the mountains to go hunting. We cooked our dinner on the woodstove and slept in the teepee. We decided that next time we'll turn the stove around and that the back half of the teepee will be my area while Gregg will get the front. We'll put the kitchen on the right side by the stove. This is important stuff to figure out.

What to keep and what to leave behind? We decided we'll only bring one pair of good binoculars but we will also have a spotting scope with a heavy tripod. The machete will stay behind. Do we need a frying pan?

Anyway, the 'shake down' cruise went well and we even shot a deer - a small 2 point. We had planned on shooting a larger deer, and had initially passed on this guy, but the weather was deteriorating and the deer just did not move as we went to walk past it. He would not run away. It was almost as if he was offering himself to us - and when a deer does that you accept the offer. So we shot him and brought back some tasty deer meat.

And I must say the pack with all the extra camping gear AND the deer meat was very heavy on the trip home. But we will not have to fight the tall grass, salmonberry and alder in the Brooks range, right? Patrick

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