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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Powerflex training-DONE!

Yesterday 5 A Balanced Approach instructors and myself got a full day training of how to teach Powerflex Classes. Powerflex is a type of group fitness that is a full body weight workout class in 1 hour. Only 1 of us had participated in a Powerflex class prior to the training. We started the day with some light book work, then did a sample class with our trainer, Janet, leading. Then we broke the class down into components such as music, counting, and how to cue the specific moves. And then the fun part. Us teaching to the class.

We called it the "hot seat". You're up in front and count through the moves and guide the class. This was nervous and scary, but really good for all of us. Everyone had their own great strengths with it...counting, form, enthusiasm, etc.

At the end of the day, we were tired, but satisfied. And ready to start teaching this week! I'm sore this morning. And probably will be for a while.

Some cool things I learned (or re-learned since college) about benefits of weight training...
-If you do nothing about it, past the age of 30, you lose 1/2 pound of muscle per year--just due to aging. This translates into a 5 pound body weight gain per year if all other factors stay the same.
-Weight training improves your body's metabolism, because muscle takes energy to feed and grow, and fat doesn't.
-a Pound of fat takes up a LOT more space than a pound of muscle.
-The notion of women BUlKING up from weight training is a myth. Our trainer said women would have to spend hours and hours in the weight room to increase bulk significantly. And she said the only muscles we would see increase in size would be biceps and calfs. Weight training tones, not bulks.

My first class is Monday and I'm going to teach the first half o the class and Brooke is going to teach the second half. I"m EXCITED!!!! Its fun to be bringing Powerflex to Kodiak!



koniagwarrior said...

We at the Alaska Native News are very happy you allowed us the chance to pass on your blog to a wider audience. Here is a view of the Amak portion of your most recent blog in our format.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

And I am flattered that you like it and very happy that you are taking it to a larger audience. I hope people like it. patrick