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Monday, February 28, 2011

Back into Cooking

A while ago at Safeway, there was a FIne Cooking BREAKFAST edition which I picked up and I've made 4 recipes from it. It has all different types of breakfast and its been fun to break out of my standard French toast/pancakes/eggs mode. Around our house, Patrick typically cooks dinner and I often make breakfast for the kids and myself. Patrick doesn't like traditional breakfasts so he usually makes a can of soup or some leftovers for the night before.

Recent choices I've made from the magazine have included
-Spinach Crepes with goat cheese and herbs (excellent and very easy. Kids liked them too! Good way to sneak greens in)
-Pan-fried Southwestern Hash
-Fastest Ever Cinnamon Buns
-Individual Cinnamon Coffee Cakes with Chocolate Cherry Almond Swirl (this was like dessert for breakfast!)

I like being inspired by new recipes and so far they've all been good. Nora likes flipping through the magazine and looking at the pictures. She is excited about making bagels someday...we'll see if we get around to making those. Looks like SO many steps! (and the bagels at Safeway are so good!!).


-Individual Cinnamon Coffee Cakes with Chocolate Cherry Almond Swirl
-I made a quiche-not from the magazine-but looked at various recipes online to use up roasted peppers and onions. It was good!
-Stuey with the Breakfast edition and some of the spinach pancakes!

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