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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blasts From Past

This morning I was at the computer looking through old photos - or rather, digital image files - and I found a few that I thought I'd share on our blog. There really is no cohesive theme or point to this post; except that time passes and you hardly notice until you look back and see how everything has changed.

My sister took the top photo when she visited a year or so after I moved to Kodiak back in 1997. I took her out to Narrow Cape to check out the bunkers and cliffs, and she took this 'Heathcliff' photo of me on top of the cliff. I remember at the time I was really worried that Katie dog, my first dog, would fall off of the cliff.

The next photo is of Don Clark and Mark in our 'cook tent' during the Alutiiq Museum's first remote river survey for the USFWS on the Ayakulik River back in 2002. We went super light weight with no electric fence or even cook tent. When it rained we created a shelter by pulling a tarp over our transit tripod. Some fishermen staying at Bare Creek visited us and I remember feeling proud when they commented, 'you boys are hard core'.

But we did learn and the next year we brought along a lightweight teepee - the megalight (I still use this teepee - see october elk hunt pics). Compared to the transit tarp teepee the megalight was a HUGE step up. But today with the teepees and wood stoves that we bring on these surveys for cook tent, I can't help but think, 'man those boys were hard core'. And actually, not everyone was a boy. That is Catherine W on the left. This was her first river survey with the Alutiiq Museum. Patrick

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Catherine West said...

LOVE THIS - made me nostalgic.