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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Slice of Heaven

After a solid nights rest last night, MJ and I were ready for a day in the sun. Today's lap swim was one of the best ever-in an open air pool. I did laps alongside Mary Jane and Karen doing water aerobics with a group of women in the other end of the pool. The warmth of the sun and good music made the perfect combo for laps--helped the 45 minutes fly by!
Pool time was followed by breakfast at a cafe on the water with Karen's friends from water aerobics. There is delicious dark coffee here with cream in it.

Everyone here is very friendly--Karen and Jeremy's friends as well as the local St.Lucians. For lunch we went to The Pink Plantation which was a drive up a windy road on a big hill and enjoyed local fruit juice, salad with local fish on it, chicken curry, fried plantains...and coconut ice cream for dessert. The view overlooking Castries Bay was gorgeous.

So far, one of my two goals of not getting sun burned is working! 70 SPF on my face and 30 on the rest of me. I"ve been told that even with 30 SPF i'll go home with some color--yeah! My second goal is to help Karen and Jeremy set up their blog (YEAH!!!!). They mentioned they would like to start one while down here. I'm thrilled about this-as I've thought their life and travels have the makings of a great blog. They already have a title--"Meet Me in St. Lucia". Keep your eyes peeled for a link on our blog...

A funny moment today at lunch--one of Karen's friends, Faye, was telling us that when she went home to Virginia she had to take care of a piece of paperwork with the IRS. She looked at Mary Jane and I and said, sort of slowly , "Oh and the IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service". Mary Jane smiled and said, "I know. I am a CPA." We got a good kick out of it...we think that she believed that Alaska is part of Canada, as later she asked what Canada's currency exchange rate was. She didn't know that Alaska was part of the United States. This was a surprise to us, as she is a highly educated lady from Virginia! Too funny. I guess because we are connected to Canada people still believe that we are part of Canada!!


Flying into St. Lucia--The Pitons
Karen and Jeremy on the deck at their house
The Acquatic center where we did aerobics/laps
Mary Jane and myself at the Pink Plantation
Evening light at Jeremy and Karen's deck--where we hang out in the morning and evening. Gorgeous.


Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

The kiddos loved the pictures. Nora pointed out that Mommy has on a new dress. Patrick

Catherine West said...

Sort-of horrified and laughing about your Alaska as part of Canada story...

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

ohhh how fun that Nora noticed the sun dress! She doesn't miss a beat with those types of details, eh?
Loved the blog post about sledding...glad the kids got in the snow!
:) Zoya

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about the dress too! Wondering if there is ever a day really warm enough in Alaska/Canada ;) for a true spaghetti strap dress? LOL.