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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Patrick's favorite photos

Patrick put these photos on our blog and requested I write more about St. Lucia. The best part was sleeping in every morning, and enjoying the sunset from Karen and Jeremy's deck every evening.

I'm finally feeling recovered from returning...I am caught up on sleep from the 2 nights of little sleep when I was at the hospital and the time change/jet lag. Wow-i really hit the ground running when I returned! It feels good to be home and back to work and with my family. At work there were lots of new physical therapy referrals and birthing class requests when I was gone, so that was fun to return to. Its nice to see that my business was purring away when I was gone. The fax machine was busy!

The evenings in Kodiak are much lighter now-I really like it and Nora noticed it tonight as well. She said after dance class, "mom-normally its dark now but today its light." The days are getting brighter and brighter...makes me get spring fever. I know Patrick will not want to hear me say that!

Oh-and Karen and Jeremy have a blog--check it out! Its


Pictures are of us ladies in St. Lucia!

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