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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Memories of Hong Kong

Yesterday was a blast in St.Lucia...we started the day off with water aerobics/lap swim once again followed by coffee and breakfast at a little cafe on the water. In the afternoon we went to Karen's friends' pool for several hours. There was a nice small waterfall pool which we sat in for close to an hour (see picture). It was nice and cool!

We've been to the grocery stores many times here and I"m struck by how similiar they are to US grocery stores. Not sure why, but I found this interesting. I guess because US grocery stores have so many processed/fast foods and the same applies here. Yet they have a huge aisle of rice and beans, which was very refreshing!! Karen told me that many of the foods are imported from England, because this is a former english colony.

Some of the more interesting finds was canned bread pudding (blog post and picture to come when I eat it...I bought a can to try it), and yesterday I found Banana Cream liqueur...made here in St. Lucia. I poured some on ice as a cocktail last night, and it tasted like Banana Cream pie in a cup-absolutely wonderful. And the whole bottle was about $6.

There are an incredible number of local rums here. And a St.Lucian Coconut Rum for $5 a bottle which is delicious! Many veggies/fruits in the produce section aren't familiar to me, but overall there are all types of foods available throughout. There are several "regular" grocery store and then one that we went to that is more similar to Whole Foods, but not quite as fancy.
(...and no Tortilla chips to be found!! Karen tried to buy some yesterday for the super bowl party and we couldn't find any at the two large stores we browsed. They have potato chips, cheetos, etc...but no plain tortilla chips.)

Last night we went to "Memories of Hong Kong" for dinner and had a fun time! It is an open aired restaurant with delicious food and drinks. We shared lots of plates of delicious oriental food, followed by warm washcloths at the end! (see photo!). There were wicker laps hanging over each table which would swing the the slightest of breeze. It was a lovely touch!

The restaurant was on a road which had lots of eateries on it, so after dinner we walked down the road for Gelato. One lovely feature of St.Lucia is how warm it stays at night--the temperatures only dip into the high 70's at night and then into the mid 80's during the day. After the sun sets, the breeze is still warm. No need for sweaters here!


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Molly Odell said...

Your trip looks like so much fun Zoya and the banana cream liqueur sounds amazing!