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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jeremy M.D. & Karen R.N.

In St.Lucia, I was visiting my friends Karen B. and Jeremy L, whom I first met in Kodiak 4 years ago. Jeremy is a doctor who was working at a local medical clinic here. They lived in Kodiak for 3 years and Karen and our family became friends with them during the course of that time.

Karen and Jeremy recently moved to St. lucia when Jeremy accepted a job as a contract doctor with the Peace Corps--a 1 year position providing medical care for vounteers in St. Lucia and the surrounding islands. There are 6 islands (I believe) that will be under his care--His job duties include ordering supplies and equipment, seeing volunteers for medical care as needed and fliying to surrounding islands and making contacts with doctors and clinics. This is in case a volunteer on an island needs medical attention-they can then be referred to a known, reputable provider.

Jeremy was in the process of setting up his office and clinic in St. Lucia when we were there (see photo). The peace corps provided the hosue we stayed in and the car Karen and Jeremy used. Jeremy was a peace corps volunteer in Ghana (I believe) for 2 years many years ago, so he has experience with the organization.

Karen is a nurse, with a speciality in Emergency Room nursing. She has worked in ERs throughout Alaska and in Portland. She is looking into working in St.Lucia and deciding on where to work (there are several hospitals in the area of Castries where they live). The process to get her license could take several months, as she has to get a work permit with her visa. Fortunately, there is a great need for nurses (as always!!) so hopefully the process will be smooth for her! I"m eager to hear about where she ends up!


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