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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winter is Here

"I can skate on my own" Stuey said yesterday as we put on his ice skates.
Nora was smart enough to remember that ice skating does take help from the 'rents. It was Stuey's first time on ice skates and it went ok. Patrick and I reflected on how hard it is to learn ice skating and made us wonder if a lesson or two might help the kids. Patrick is a big "do-it-and-you'll -learn" mentality towards learning new things....and I discoverd it was definitely true with swimming for the kids.
But there are so many brutal falls with ice skating. It gets hard to watch. Their little bodies bonking so hard on the ice. Ouch.
As we walked back to the car yesterday, the kids were all smiles and Nora said, "We need to do that every day so then we'll get better and better." Alls well that ends well!


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Jowers Inc. said...

What a positive attitude Nora has. So many children are not as independent these days and take a single fall, only to give up. Go Nora and Stuey!