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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Barcelona Beach

One of the big pluses in Barcelona was a lovely beach--it was man made in 1992 for the Summer Olympics. (Its hard to wrap my mind around the high number of dump trucks of dirt it would take to build the beach!) There are a few small restaurants along the beach, which worked out great, as us adults could sit and each lunch and have drinks while the kids played in the sand in our view. Patrick and I both took impromptu dips into the Mediterranean--the water was warm and clear. Patrick took the scenic of Barcelona from the water. Nora had her little hat on and my sunglasses...I called her little "Suri".

The veggie photo was taken at a huge market in Barcelona--which was only open 1 day when we were there. The selection of veggies, meat,cany, ice cream, etc. was unbelievable. Out of this world incredible.


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