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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Joe Miller and Me

I've found that people who see this photo have one of three reactions. They either find it hilarious, scary or think, 'right on'. It all depends on how well they know me, and their view of Joe Miller and his chances of becoming Alaska's next senator. Joe Miller is a very polarizing figure - people either love or hate him.

To be candid I did vote for Lisa M.U.R.K.O.W.S.K.I. (did I spell it right?), but unlike many others who voted for Lisa or McAdams (the Democratic choice) I actually do agree with a few of Joe's views. I am against big government wasteful spending. I hate pork. However, I also fully realize that Alaska is completely dependent on Federal pork, and to reject it completely is not the smartest idea in the world. I also like my politicians to work across the aisle and try to get things done for the good of their country and not for the good of just their particular party. In the run up to the primaries Joe made a point of criticizing Lisa because she had on occasion voted with the Democrats.

By election time I had decided Joe Miller is small-minded, spiteful, and a bit of hypocrite. I find him pretty darn scary , and I decided to vote for Lisa because she had the best chance of beating Joe. What's funny is that I am not all that wild about Lisa either. In fact, if the race had been between just Lisa and McAdams - I would have voted for McAdams (who I know very little about). I am also worried that if elected Lisa might well swing wildly to the right and attempt to appeal to the Joe Miller crowd.

We do need something better than the 2 party system. I'm tired of having to just vote Democratic or Republican. Perhaps if Lisa does win as a write-in candidate it might shake things up a bit. Perhaps in the future we'll change the primary rules a bit and third party candidates might start to stand a chance of getting elected.

So why did I post this photo? Because I find it hilarious. Patrick


Aubrey Morrison said...

Hilarious! That looks like the Kodiak Airport. Is he getting ready to hug you or tackle you? This certainly was a wild election. I voted for McAdams. His campaign office was directly across the street from our lab so I started volunteering there after work. I hope we see more of him in the future. That being said, I REALLY hope Murkowski holds her lead over Miller. I can't bear the thought of Miller representing Alaska in the senate.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

We left for France on the plane that brought Joe Miller to Kodiak. Zoya was mortified when I wanted to get my picture taken with him. Patrick