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Friday, November 12, 2010

Really great times

Our trip to Eurpoe was better than I could've ever hoped for. Traveling with Sven and Balika and their kids was a blast--both Sven and Balika are such saavy world travelers...nothing rattled them. I've known Balika my entire life and Sven since Balika started dating him. Balika is able to plan and coordinate events, figure out mode of transportation so seemingly easily. And she always has such a positive attitude. Its pretty incredible. She is one cool gal! I also was impressed by her ability to whip great meals together on the boat with whatever food was in the small fridge. (She attributes this skill to being raised on a boat and having to pull meals together on a whim with whatever was in the fridge).

Patrick has known Sven more than me over the years, as Patrick works with him at the museum. Sven is also so positive, easy going and has a good sense of humor about things. They made the trip seamless.


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