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Monday, November 08, 2010

Training Begins Now

Now that we are back from France and there is snow on the mountains, it is time to start training for the Tour of Anchorage cross country ski race. The race is in early March. Zoya wants to do the 25K race while I am contemplating the 50K distance.

After all that good food in France we were feeling a little bloated when we got back last week. It has felt good to strap on the old skiis. For the last few days I have been going around and around on a little 2K loop I established up past the ski chalet. I have been pleasantly surprised by my early season conditioning - especially after a slothful 2 weeks in France. I guess the elk hunt 3 weeks ago managed to outlast the canal trip to France.

Photos: Top - the 'beaver pond' portion of my 2K skate ski loop. This is the easiest portion of my loop. The other parts are far more hilly with a little brush thrown in here and there. Bottom - the view towards Sheratin Mountain from Pyramid on Saturday morning. The first few days back from France I went alpine skiing rather than cross country because I had to wait to for the beaver ponds to freeze up. Patrick

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