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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rock Skiing With Bruce

Megan and Bruce are visiting Kodiak for Thanksgiving, and this morning Bruce and I went up Pyramid for some pre Thanksgiving dinner exercise. We figure we'd be entitled to more food if we got the old blood pumping in the morning. So on up the mountain we headed.

The light was glorious and the skiing terrible. I don't think we would have climbed the mountain for just the skiing. Boilerplate and not much of it either. We had to climb to 1600 feet just to get to the snow. But the views and exercise made it all worth the trip. Bruce remarked that coming to Kodiak from Anchorage and getting out in the sun - it is like 'someone turned the lights on'. I gather that at this time of the year the light in Anchorage is a bit flat. Patrick

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