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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Final European Vacation Post & Movie!

This is it - we swear! But we had so many great pictures and memories that we just had to do another post about the trip. Zoya also made an 11 minute video that documents the trip. She edited it so well (in my opinion) and put it to music so it hardly seems like a family video.

Photos: Top - all of us up on top as we cruise on down the canal. Second - Zoya and Hanna during a quiet moment in Gaudi Park, Barcelona. Third - This was the low moment of the entire trip. When we discovered that our train was on strike. In the photo we are waiting with all our luggage at a sidewalk cafe in the Beziers train station for another 'local' train to take us a bit closer to Barcelona (we ended up linking multiple local trains to make it all the way to Barcelona). Fourth - Sven caught Patrick, Hannah and Zoya acting silly. Zoya was always doing her exercises, and Hannah and Patrick decided to copy her. Bottom - Sven, Balika and Zoya up on top of the canal boat. Sven drove practically the whole way (with only a few five minute shifts from me, Eilidh, Nora, Bella and Stuey). Thank You Sven! Patrick

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Roxann said...

Zoya, Incredible video! Thanks for sharing :)