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Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day

Yesterday was a lovely thanksgiving spent with close friends. Meghan and Bruce flew in from Anchorage and we enjoyed dinner with local friends too.

My Thanksgiving morning started at 12:05 AM with a phone call from a doula client--a first time mom who's water had just broken. Within an hour, I was at the hospital with them and an hour later they had their baby. it was a VERY fast delivery. I was home in bed by 3AM! I was pretty sure that I would spend a large part of thanksgiving day in the hospital, but that didn't happen! Needless to say, the mom was very thrilled with how her fast labor went!

Later in the morning, I made stuffing with Nora and Meghan made her green bean casserole. Later in the afternoon, I took a short nap, we set the house for dinner and at 4:30 people arrived. Mike and Patrick each cooked a turkey-it was a turkey cook off!
The lovely part of the evening was how well the 6 kids in attendance for dinner did so well playing together. They ran from room to room, like a little mini-mob. A whirlwind of fun and laughter.
I am so thankful for my family, friends and wonderful husband Patrick.


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