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Monday, August 16, 2010

Teepee Time

On Saturday evening John S and I headed up in the wind and the rain to go hunting. Actually, it felt more like camping because it was so windy and foggy that I seriously doubted we had much of a chance on harvesting a deer. But I really wanted to try out my old Megalight Teepee tarp with a wood stove. This is an old tarp tent that I have had for years - it has been on survey to the Ayakulik River, Chirikof Island, and even up Shishaldin Volcano. I recently installed a stove boot in it so that I could put the woodstove inside (see earlier post about quesadillas on the stove). I did not dare to do this with a brand new tent.

Anyway, the wood stove and megalight worked great. John and I found some dry wood and lit the stove and life was good while the storm raged outside. And did it rage! The trees were roaring back and forth overhead, and it rained over an inch overnight. I was amazed at how the stove dried out our cloths and the inside of the teepee. The megalight and stove will work great on our elk hunt in October. That's the best thing about camping in bad weather near home - It gets me ready for elk hunting in October when the weather is far less friendly and you can't just quit and go home.

Best of all, while we did wake up to rain and fog, it cleared off, and John harvested a small forked deer. So despite the weather we brought back meat! Patrick

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