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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nora's Birthday in Michigan

On the last day of our stay in Michigan, Nora celebrated her 5th birthday--with her cousins and aunts in uncles surrounding her. Her cousins and aunties showered her with cute girl gifts...a pink tutu, bracelets, necklace and pink bow headband. Nora was in girlie-girl heaven.

A month or so prior to her birthday, Nora asked me, "mom-what will I be able to do when I'm 5 that I can't do when I'm 4?". I told her that probably sometime when she is 5, she'd be able to do the monkey bars, as she was starting to hang off of one bar unassisted. Then, 1 day before her 5th birthday, Nora did the monkey bars all by herself in Michigan. I believe she thought that she needed to be able to do the monkey bars by the time she was 5! In any case, she had a blast doing the monkey bars several times in a row and watching other kids swing their bodies from bar to bar.


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