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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Retrospective

Today Zoya is out racing in the Eco-Challenge and I'm at home watching the kids and editing photos. Yesterday I downloaded all of the photos from the panasonic camera Zoya bought while I was away doing archaeology on the far side of the Alaska Peninsula. It sort of became Stuey's camera and was mostly full of blurry and quite random pictures taken from Stuey's low level angle (lots of looking up at mugging adults, close ups of the floor and doggies, and blurry shots of nothing). But I did find some gems, and I also got a glimpse of what I missed on the home front while I was away doing archaeology. Sort of like looking in one of those mirrors they have in fairytales where you can get fuzzy glimpses of the past, present and future. I got a glimpse of Summer Past - a summertime retrospective so to speak.

I got to see how awesome Jenni F was with Stuey and Nora. She has gone off to college now, and we will certainly miss her. Looking through the photos I was impressed with all that she did with the kiddos. I glimpsed visits to the touch tank, lunches at parks, beaches - it was all there on the panasonic. And so were lots of pictures of Jenni. It seems Stuey liked to take pictures of Jenni. I also got to see Meghan and Bruce's wedding, and finally see Andrew playing train tracks with Stuey. Zoya told me about the extremely complicated track set up that they had built together when we talked on the SAT phone, but now I got to actually see it (bottom photo). Patrick

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