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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Fogged Out

Community archaeology has begun (more on this in another post) and I was shut out on the opening day of deer season. Gregg and I climbed up into the mountains on Saturday night with high hopes. It was pretty clear and the weather looked good (bottom photo). Just has as we were picking a spot to camp a bear wandered by which was a little disconcerting. But he avoided us and we had our miso soup and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and the stars were all out - all was looking good.

In the morning the mountain tops were socked in with fog. It cleared a bit and got our hopes up a few times (second photo). But for the most part it stayed fogged in. We sat in one place for 4 hours waiting for it to clear off (top photo). We even re set up our tarp tent and waited out some rain and had some more coffee. But no luck - it never really cleared off until pretty late by which time all the deer had bedded down. We got fogged out. The second opening day in a row too!

Weirdly enough we did see 6 bears - a sow and 2 cubs and 3 singles. The cubs heads barely stuck up above the brush. We saw more bears than bucks! We did see a spike, but we do have some standards. And we spent more time looking at the does we saw than the bears. We wanted them to sprout horns. Patrick

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