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Thursday, August 12, 2010

And They're Off

Zoya, Nora and Stuey left this evening for a family reunion in Michigan. I'm staying in town with Roxy and Jake to finish up the Community Archaeology dig. I said my goodbyes around 6:45 and then went to Molly Odell's lecture at the Alutiiq Museum. When I got back home at 8:30 it looked pretty foggy so I checked flight tracker and it looks like they left at 8:27 - a half hour late. It seems very quiet and sort of sad here all alone at home. They probably flew past the house as I drove home from the museum.

Anyhow, of late Nora and Stuey have been way into their fishing rods and have actually gotten pretty good at casting with them. We put on old lures that had lost their hooks and they cast around off of the porches at will. Stuey can already cast the lure up onto the roof of the house. I think it is good practice for the next time when we go fishing. We'll put on lures with actual hooks, put on the old safety glasses (they got these for the salmon derby), and hopefully catch a fish to eat! Patrick

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