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Friday, August 20, 2010

Cousin Camp 2010 in Michigan

Last night I returned from a family reunion in Traverse City Michigan. My family converged upon a house we rented and 20+ of us stayed under one roof on a house on Lake Michigan. We decided that without any weddings looming in the future, it was best to coordinate a reunion so we could all see each others children and catch up!The lake was very warm and there was a nice beach just a 1 minute walk down a little path. The cousins all played together so well...Nora took a special liking to my sister Annes daughter, Talia. They were little cousin camp buddies.

The 5 days flew by--spent with hours on the beach, sharing meals together and enjoying the evening sunsets on the back deck overlooking the lake. Stuey took a liking to playing with his little train set by himself. Occasionally he'd let another kid share and play with him, but I was struck by how solitary his play was. Stuey was a sand castle junkie, however. He would spend hours on the beach digging in the sand making castles.

More photos and stories to come later. Must go to bed now, as tomorrow is the Kodiak Eco challenge, which I am participating in. The race starts at 8 AM in Chiniak, so its off to get some zzz's....


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