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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Looth Tooth Times

Nora lost her first tooth today. THe whole "loose tooth" process took me by surprise, as I thought it was something that happened later--in 1st grade perhaps. Several days ago she talked about a tooth hurting, then the next door she excitedly told me her tooth was lose! Thanks heavens for the Berenstain Bears "Go to the Dentist" book! I think it brings excitement to the whole losing teeth process.

After the tooth came out at lunch today, Nora asked me "mom-can you text the tooth fairy and see if she will let me keep the tooth? I don't want her to take it." I told her I'd work on it. The texting-the-tooth-fairy concept made me laugh!

There have been a lot of firsts at our house this summer--
-Nora's first loose tooth
-Nora learning the monkey bars on her own several weeks ago
-Stuey starting pre-school
-Stuey starting dance class

Lots of new skills being integrated into their little brains!

Stuey took right to pre-school yesterday. I had a difficult time dropping Nora off, as she was crying and teary. I felt badly for her, but there wasn't a whole lot i could do. Sitting with her for the morning wasn't an option, as I had a client in 20 minutes to prepare for. She ended up doing just fine at preschool and it feels good to get back into the pre-school rhythm this fall.

Stuey really enjoyed dance class today as he hung on to every word his teacher Molly said. He smiled a lot which made me happy to see. I felt very relaxed watching him in his first dance class-I think he was especially comfortable from watching Nora all last year in class.


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