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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Salmon Fever

We've been enjoying fresh salmon lately, thanks to our friend Mike who LOVES fishing. On Friday night, he brought over a small fresh king salmon which we cut up and ate raw dipped in soy sauce. It was absolutely delicious. Never frozen, completely smooth and light in flavor. Not at all grainy, which occurs when salmon is frozen.

Yesterday was the Kiwanis pink salmon derby on the Buskin River. There were oodles of kids with hooks being cast every which way. There weren't many fish in the river, but a good time was had. There was a $1 participant fee in the derby, and every participant got free safety goggles and a lure. The only thing Nora hooked was my hand.

The kiddies this morning wanted to join in on my brief yoga session. I try to do a few minutes every day lately and its fun when they do some of the poses!


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