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Friday, July 16, 2010

Stitches for Nora

Today Nora got her first stitches. It was one of those slow motion moments with Nora on her bike trying to make a tight corner in our driveway. When I took a look at her chin, my stomach sank, as it was quite a gouge and I figured that stitches were probably in order. She saw Dr. Kristen Frank at the community health clinic who was great with Nora and did a fabulous job with the stitches. 3 stitches later, her cut was very well approximated and I appreciated Kristen's thoroughness with the job---especially considering the "boo-boo" was on Nora's face.

Before the doctors visit, I warned Nora that the doctor might have to do a little, "pokey, Pokey" with a needle to help her face heal. Nora did not like knowing this--in hindsight I wish I hadn't tried to prep her. Nora would occasionally cry saying, "no pokey, pokey, mom" I re-assured her that if there was a gel or spray that could be used to help her numb her chin, it would be used.

In the photo, you see Nora with a cotton ball soaked in lidocaine to her chin. It seemed to help take some of the edge off but the doctor did end up needed to do shots of lidocaine. During the stitches when Nora was not thrilled and wanting to move, I told her make-believe stories. Nora was Captivated and looked up at me as I made up stories on the spot.

Its one thing to tell make-believe stories to kids in the privacy of your home-and completely another with two strangers right there. I kept thinking, "this must sound really silly"...but hey-whatever works! It kept Nora a bit happier for those few minutes. I told stories about an imaginary family going camping at busin beach and about a lady named Lucy who lived on top of a mountain by herself.

About 24 hours ago, I finished out at a 30+ hour doula client shift with a mom and her husband. Sometimes after long labors, I am wiped out, but I don't feel that way today. I ate well yesterday and took several short breaks out of the hospital which really helped the 30+ hours. A friend of mine asked, "When you know you're heading into a birth, what do you do? How do you prepare youself?". I knew a day or two in advance that this client was being induced, and often inductions take a while, so I ate healthy foods, drank more tea than normal and filled up on water. I think it all helps me keep my energy up for the long days (and nights). Jenni F., who watches the kids this summer, was with the kids for a 24 hour period and she is so fabulous with them. She took them to the beach, park, ice cream cones, etc during the sunny day I was at the hospital. The kids hug her whenever she leaves and they enjoy her.

Patrick comes home in 4 days and I'm completely thrilled! A few people have asked if the time has gone by fast, and I"d be lying if I said, "yes". It has been a long month...not bad...just long.


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Sue and Brian said...

Oh my gosh Nora! She is so brave! I sure hope that heals fast. Poor girl! I'm glad that it wasn't worse.