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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Meghan and Bruce's wedding

Last weekend on July 4th, our friends Meghan and Bruce were wed here in Kodiak! Many folks from Anchorage flew, ferried (and sailed!!!!) in to Kodiak for the festivities. The ceremony was just gorgeous with personalized vows to each other that were complete tear jerkers. The older I get, the more of a sap I become at weddings. The weather was clear for the ceremony, which was such a blessing because the past month has been a string of rainy days. The wedding and reception was held at Fort Abercrombie and an amazing potluck spread of food followed the servied. Grilled black cod, smoked salmon, Cold Thai noodle dish were only some of the incredible dishes there.

After the reception a few folks came back to our place and at around 11:30 we took a banya which was a great way to end such a fun, festive day.

There are 5 of Meghans family at our house which is really fun. There is lots of laughter and everyone cooks together and helps with Stuey and Nora as well.

Stuey has become the local paparazzi with my camera. He walks around asking, "Can I take your picture" and then he shoots away. He had my camera for the bulk of the wedding and reception and got some pretty funny shots of people. I"m amazed by how steady he is able to hold the camera and look into the view finder.

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mom said...

All of the friends in Kodiak were so generous and made Meghan and Bruce's wedding the greatest party ever. I couldn't believe you islanders! you really know how to eat, drink, and party.
The cello and violin player were such a lovely touch. The flowers were beautiful. it was quite breathtaking. The wedding cake was a masterpiece and the evenings Banya ended an incredible day.