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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Full Moon Goddess Party

Yesterday was July's full moon, which signifies the monthly goddess gathering. On the full moon, women get together, share in food and drinks and they get their "goddess card", which they keep for the full month. The goddess card comes from a pack of cards, and each woman draws one card randomly and the person next to them reads about the meaning of the card from a book.
There are cards relating to various goddesses and the various meaning of the cards include topics such as taking risks, nurturing, prosperity, education, etc...
The party brings a fun, diverse group of ladies together every month and the goddess party on the full moon day, even if it is in the middle of the work week. The location rotates every month and last night was the first time I have hosted it. The banya was lit and 4 of us took a banya at the end of the party (it was quite hot...150 deg! Wow!!) I joked that it was a "full moon" goddess party...he, he.

This tradition was brought here by Genevieve C. who moved here from Dutch Harbor over a year ago. During the party we talked about how it was neat to think of ladies together in Dutch Harbor having their goddess gathering at the same time as ours.

The Goddess cards and full-moon timing of the gathering give it a different feel than other well as the fact that it is a ladies only event. People hold onto their cards between parties and put them on their fridge, or in their car. "Abundantia" is my goddess card this month and it hangs on my fridge until the next full moon on August 24th. At that goddess gathering, I'll add it back to the stack to be shuffled in for the next draw of a goddess card.


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