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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quesadillas on a woodstove

Today Stuey, Nora and myself got a small taste of what camp life is in the field...without having to endure killer mosquitos on the Alaska Peninsula! Patrick set up the tee-pee cooktent and he made dinner for us on the little stove inside. Outside, the temperatures hovered in the mid 50's. Inside, the tent was warm and filled with the scents of freshly cooking bean and pepper quesadillas.
I said to Patrick, "Now I see how you survived out in the field for so long. This is quite nice and warm!". Patrick talked about how the woodstove and fire really provided a mood boost for the crew in the evenings and that it was better than everyone going to their own tent right after dinner. If the winds were strong or if it was raining, they were able to find solace in the tee-pee. This tee-pee is a much smaller version of the one they use in the field, however.

Nora is looking forward to camping on the lawn in the next few days, so Patrick will set up the sleeping tent for her and Stuey to camp in. He said he'd sleep with the kids, which I was thrilled with--as much as I love camping, I don't sleep as well as when I'm in my own bed.


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Molly O said...

What fun for the kids to see how you live in the field! I also love that Nora fits perfectly in one of our chairs!