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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beauty on the other side of the peninsula

After describing my month at Penguk as a sojourn on an island in a mosquito infested swamp I feel compelled to add that when the sun came out it was often very beautiful. Snow capped volcanos loomed over us, wildlife was all around and the clouds often seemed too too close. We could hear the constant croaking of sandhill cranes, the honks of red-throated loons, wolves passed by the site, and we were visited by the occasional bear. All the while the green green plains stretched far out into the distance, and the river flowed to the sea.

Photos: Top photo is of some weird clouds and the volcanos that lay between us and home on Kodiak. Second photo is of Catherine contemplating a sunset over the King Salmon river. Third photo is of Ryan in a grove of cottonwoods at the end of a 'destination hike' - we had hiked 3 miles across the swamp to visit another hill that had trees on top. Fourth photo is of Molly, Mary and Catherine at 6 AM on their way to the top of Penguk to watch for wolves before breakfast (they did not see any). Bottom photo is of camp with the teepee woodstove running - ready for a warm breakfast.

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Meghan said...

Incredible photos, Patrick. Glad you are home again to share the stories!