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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Buskin Staycation

Last night we went camping at the Buskin Beach. Nora and Stuey have been wanting to go all summer and we figured it was best to go before hunting starts and Patrick disappears to the mountains to chase deer!
I loved the addition of the blow-up mattress. THe only bummer was that the little blow up motor thing that came with it required batteries (which we didn't have) so we had to blow it up over the course of 1/2 hour. Bless Patricks heart...I think he almost hyperventilated. The sacrifices he makes for his wife... :) I slept so much better than on camping trips last year. I woke up only moderately tired as opposed to extremely tired.

After setting up the tent and eating dinner, we went to Buskin Beach and Nora did some fishing. Didn't catch anything, but Nora loved the whole scene of casting and reeling in. I love seeing the smile on her face and enthusiasm about fishing with Patrick. Stuey wants his own fishing rod now....may have to get him a little kid one this fall sometime.

We did "plug-in parenting" after the beach walk and dinner. The kids got to watch a movie on the little DVD player in the tent. They were EXTREMELY excited at the prospect of this, as they don't use the mini dvd player unless they are traveling. THis gave Patrick and I a couple of hours around the warm camp fire enjoying the evening and talking. It was a nice few shared moments together after a very busy past month.



My Little Family: said...

sounds like a nice, manageable outing. your kids are having a great childhood.

Meghan said...

What a fun adventure!