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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quick Trip to Ivor Cove

Today I woke up with Zoya and the kiddos in a tent at the Buskin River campground, ate breakfast at King's Diner and then was at the floatplane dock by 9:30 AM for a floatplane trip to the south end of Kodiak. Molly, Ryan and Catherine accompanied me on a quick archaeological survey of a BIA alotment at Ivor Cove. The weather was a tad ugly, but what a place. Beautiful white sand beaches and granite bedrock outcrops. So beautiful that you would have thought that there just had to be archaeological sites everywhere. But funnily enough we found nothing. It just goes to show that natural beauty is not necessarily a predictor for archaeological sites. Not like places where you can find lots of stuff to eat, or good places to land a kayak - those ARE places where you find archaeological sites. Patrick

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