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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Going, Going. ... .. .

The snow is disappearing quickly up on Pyramid, but I'm surprised at how long it has lasted. I thought my ski season was done for the year back in early June when we left for Maine. I knew then that It would be another 6 weeks before I returned from my archaeological excavation on the Alaska Peninsula and could go skiing again. I sort of assumed that there would be no snow on Pyramid when I returned. And I was wrong!

I've been skiing after work every day, and it is almost August. And not a bad run either - about 350 feet vertical. Last week there was just a short patch of grass to cross and you could ski another 400 vertical or so. But as you can see it is almost gone (those are hikers sliding down on top for scale). The left (skiier's right) part of the run melted out yesterday and the other side has only a few days left. But with Community Archaeology and the beginning of hunting season starting next week, the ski season would be ending for me anyway. I know that if I really wanted to I could go a bit further into the backcountry and ski all year round. This year there is lots of snow back there. Patrick

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