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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Working through new adventures

Yesterday was the start of Nora and Stuey's swim lessons. Nora was slated to start in the second level group, Stuey in the very beginning group. When I got Nora there, she didn't want to get into the kiddie area with the other kids. She stood there with tears going down her face as the class started. One of the nice lifeguard instructors came over and tried to coax her in. It didn't help. She was taking small gasps for air and saying, "I want to go home, mommy."

I finally said, "Nora, lets just sit and watch this class." And then it dawned on me that she could try taking lessons with Stuey in the beginners group. When I suggested this, her mood immediately changed and she said, "Yeah, mommy. I'll swim with Stuey."

So one half hour later, she took her swim lesson with Stuey, and went walking right into the pool with utmost confidence. Amazing what the presence of her little brother and some time to warm up to the idea can do! The kids did great with floating, kicking, blowing bubbles. Patrick said it was a confidence booster for Nora, as she was the leader of the pack with all the activities, since she is confident in water.

I've read about how kids use imaginary play to work though things that happen to them during the day, and Nora does this frequently. Last night was a perfect example. She has a little plastic pirate ship and had little figurines next to it. She did pretend play with them for about half an hour. I was listening intently to her conversations and they were mostly about swimming.

Doll #1: Time to go to swimming lessons. Its really fun. But you have to leave mommy and daddy.
Doll #2: oh ok. splash. splash. splash.
Doll#1:See isn't it fun. You'll learn how to kick and float on your back.

The conversation went on like this for some time. It struck me how with Nora was working through it all with her pretend play and she is already more confident about the prospect of swimming lessons....because now she knows what they are all about. She was able to encourage her doll to try the swimming lesssons! I believe her hesitation at first was the unknown-just not knowing what was going to happen. Or concerns about being expected to do a lot.

Swim lessons are every day for 2 weeks. Its a big time commitment, but should be fun to see where they're at with confidence in water at the end of it! Zoya

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