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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sock it to Me!

Today after work I went up Pyramid to go skiing and was shocked at how much new snow we got last night. Lately, I've been skiing a lot in the rain and I did not expect much would be different when I left work today. It was raining HARD in town. But when I parked my car at the pass I stepped out into 8 inches of new snow and a driving snowstorm! And up high on the mountain there was no wind and over a foot of new powder. It was the kind of snow where you just point the skiis downhill and bounce and the skiis do all the work. Best of all, it was completely unexpected. One unexpected powder day like today makes all those days in the rain worthwhile. Priceless in fact. Patrick

Photo is from today of the spruce trees at around 1100 feet loaded down with new snow.

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My Little Family: said...

That's a beautiful photo Patrick.