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Monday, February 22, 2010

High Dive for Nora

Last week Nora did her first jumps off the diving board. She saw another kid her age go off the diving board and she was fascinated and insisted that she try it. So the next trip to the pool, Patrick came along (with his camera, of course) and Nora did 4 or 5 jumps off the diving board. She LOVED it. No fear.
If you listen carefully, when she resurfaces after jumping she says, "wanna do it again!".


(the You Tube Screen appears black, but there is video footage patrick took from the water of Nora jumping in. Kind of a fun angle to see! Just click on the play button and it appears.)


Mary Jane said...

That's awesome! I have only jumped off it once. I'm still scared. Bravo Nora!!!

Stewart said...

off the Pulpit Harbor bridge before you know it.

Zoya said...

Hopefully at high tide. ... Patrick