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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring Corn in February

Lately I find it kind of funny reading about the cold weather on the east coast, and how so many politicians see a cold february in Washington D.C. as evidence that global warning is all hype. They should come to Kodiak and see the winter we've had! I've never seen it so warm. It just goes to show that global warming is a GLOBAL phenomena and that while the planet is warming overall - you still get cold winters in particular regions. The weather is certainly more weird and extreme. Our local winter has been a total bust.

But at least the skiing was good today. The lakes may be open water, the crocuses blooming, and the locusts on their way, but we still got good snow on Pyramid. Today the corn snow was like what we normally have in late April or May - Spring corn conditions. The photo is of my ski tracks on Pyramid - I love looking up at the mountain and seeing only my tracks there while I drive home. Patrick


Anji Gallanos said...

Juneau has been amazing lately...and we are usually either up to our knees in snow or rain.

Anonymous said...
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Zoya said...

Anji, the worst thing about warm winters is that more slugs survive, and my garden ends up a nightmare. I also wonder what effect no ice on the lakes will have on the salmon runs? Patrick