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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Piggy, puzzles, checkups, and new snow

Nora's most recent past time has been playing "Nurse Nora" and doing "check-ins". She has all her little plastic gadgets on the coffee table and she makes us sit there, as she looks in our mouth with a wooden block, cuts our hair with her plastic garlic press, and weighs us on her pretend scale, and asks how "high" (tall) we are.. Its quite funny, as she is quite serious with her routine.

Patrick got Nora her first piggy bank, and she is able to earn pennies and dimes for doing small things around the house. I believe she is saving up for a pack of gum. She also gets 75 cents per week for allowance. I have been asking friends and PT clients about kids, allowance and how they work it. Patrick and I wonder, "shouldn't you be expected to do certain things around the house, just for living there...and not necessarily get paid for them?" We'll find a good balance with it, and I'm glad she is taking interest in learning about money and saving. Shes at the right age for it.

Last night I attended the local Arts Council auction with AnnJannette L. We had a blast. I haven't been to the auction for MANY years and was excited to finally go this year. As a prior Arts Council board member, I FULLY appreciate how much hard work it is to put on the auction--and boy did the arts council do an amazing job this year. There were hundreds of items and an auctioneer that was brought in from Anchorage. This was a first for me-hearing an auctionner. I could barely understand what he was saying-but he really kept the bidding going and gave the auction a more professional feel. One of the items I won, I didn't quite know how much I ended up bidding in the end. AnnJannette thought it was $50, I thought it was $75. It actually ended up being $75 (it was a big basket of Salmon Solstix loved them for breakfast and I ate one on the way home last night....YUM!). The auctioneer really kept the crowd going and bidding.

AnnJannette and I joked that she was my "auction doula", as she is an artist herself and knows about art and what to bid on. When a piece of art would come up that I was interested in, I would ask her, "I really like that, what do you think maximum bid should be?" We had a great time and had good laughs with friends and the people sitting behind us.

I didn't end up getting any art-I was always outbid.

Kudos to the Arts Council for putting on such an awesome evening and for doing so much in Kodiak. Our auditorium and Arts Program is really top notch--lots of things for kids, and adults alike as well as outside performers brought in. It was great to see so many people out enjoying the evening.


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gpc said...

The art auction sounds fun, but I'd be happy with winning the food! It's amazing how kids 'get it' when you start to explain money to them early. My grandson, now 5, saves for months to get things he wants. He sets and clears the table, puts dirty clothes in the hamper, helps vacuum, shovels alongside his dad, and he tells me with great pride that he will be able to do even more to help the family when he is bigger. He doesn't seem to feel like he is being paid for chores, he seems to feel that both the chores and the money are privileges for being part of his family. I love watching it all and wish I had done a better job of it, although somewhere along the line my son sure learned every lesson I wish I'd taught!