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Friday, February 19, 2010

Life at Home during the Deluge

Lately it has been raining a lot. Actually it seems like it has been raining for months. But in the last week it has been particularly bad - over 3 inches in the last few days alone. And we are over 18 inches since the first of January. Yesterday I noticed that the crocuses have budded and are just waiting for a sunny day to bloom. This is a couple of months early. None of the lakes in town are frozen either - I can't remember a winter where the lakes did not freeze.

Needless to say, but the kids have been doing a lot of activities inside - puzzles, dancing, riding the dog, hikes out to Spruce Cape (followed by baths afterwards to clean mud off) ....good times to be had!

Photos: Patrick is with the kids...(and baby Sophie and Cece-Mike and Roxann's two girls.) Mike brings them by afterwork sometimes to hang with Nora and Stuey.

Patrick and Zoya

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