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Friday, February 19, 2010

Construction site on Cliffside Drive

Down the road, a lovely lot of trees and our favorite blueberyy patch was SHAVED down to make room for 2 houses. It was quite the site to see tractors come in and demolish such a great plot of land. I wonder-why isn't it possible to cut down just enough trees for room for the houses?

On the upside, Stuey and Nora have really enjoyed walking down there and seeing the back hoe in action. Stuey is completely awestruck by it. I think the back-hoe driver appreciated our little audience of 3 one rainy day. It is so sad-to watch the back hoe dig into such lovely land. I understand there has to be houses built-I just wish people could put a moments worth of thought into the land and HOW the house is built.

At one point, the land our house was built on was full of trees and someone along the way plowed down a large portion of them. We are working to re-forest our plot on Cliffside Drive. Patrick has planted 6 trees (cottonwoods and mountain ash) in the past 8 an attempt to protect ourselves from the wind and to provide a little tree haven.

Progress is inevitable. But its a bummer that sometimes it has to be so ugly.


The walk down cliffside road which we make daily. In the background, you can see the dump truck which is at the construction site.
The back-hoe sitting where 2 houses will be.
The lot next door...a beautifully built house, sheltered by TREES!!!!!!!! (you can see the back hoe on the left side).


Anji Gallanos said...

I agree when you live in such a beautiful's hard to see the trees come down. On the upside your little one looks adorable in her raincoat. It's a great photo!

My Little Family: said...

it looks like they are being built in front of shirley's house :(

Marnie said...

Hmm, my suspicion is that the land is being developed by developers. I would surmise that a local with their own land building a house would likely keep some of the blueberries and trees.

Zoya said...

The sad part is that the developer probably could have sold the place for more if they had left the trees. But denuding the place first is easier. Patrick