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Monday, May 04, 2009

Whitesands morning

Yesterday morning we ventured to Whitesands beach for a morning beach picnic with Mike, Roxann, Tina, Paul and kids....and many dogs. Fun times were had with the kids playing in the sand, dogs running all over the place and us ladies catching up with eachother--complete with M&M's, popcorn and other yummy snacks.
Makes me realize how much I've missed the sun this past few months. The kids are in PARK heaven lately--exploring North Star Park and Baranof park. Nora has an adventure streak which is beginning to shine-every time I turned around today she was climbing down structures on her own--testing out new territory and not nervous. Cautious, but not reckless. Over the year I have thought of her as having a more conservative, cautious approach to physical endeavors than Stuey...but that may not be the case!


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