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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Full Circle

Ahhh....Patrick and the crew come home tomorrow. What a busy 10 days it has been. The kids and I and dogs have all done ok.
(I even watered the plants once while Patrick was gone! No casualties!)

Today was a full day at work-complete with attending a birth at my lunch hour!! Then after work I picked up the kids, picked up some food and went to Baranof park. Met up with Mike/CeCe and Katie, Matt and kids. All the kids had a great time running around as us adults froze our tooshies off in the 40 something degree weather. What happened to summer!?
1 hour passed and I brought the kids home, then off to teach the last class of this session of the birthing series. Its hard to believe I"ve finished teaching two 8 week childbirth series already! It is so fun and each time I teach it, it is a little bit different. Out of the 8 moms at the first series, I was at 4 of the births! Cool, eh?! It is so rewarding to see the couples from the beginning of their birth journey in childbirth class to the final experience of going through labor and birth. Full Circle. As I've said in a prior post, I'm so proud of all the moms and partners I work with.

Summer dig season is in full steam-Patrick is home for less than a week then leaves for another dig near King Salmon. It sure is easier now to have him leave then when Stuey was a baby. Mary Jane came over one night and kept me company, Casey another. I find the mornings tough-trying to get everyone out the door in one piece. I can't imagine how families with any sort of commute do it! I have a hard enough time with our little 5 minute commute making it to work on time.

I"m needing to work exercise time into my schedule. Since I stopped teaching spinning, I"ve been delinquent in fitting walks or some other exercise in. I find that an hour gap in my schedule is filled in by other things-cleaning, food shopping, writing notes at work, catching up on e-mails, etc... time to make that exercise time a priority once again. I"ll make it happen these next few weeks.


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My Little Family: said...

Zoya, my dad has suffered a stroke and is now in rehab at the hospital. I have to tell you I have a new found respect for Physical Therapists - I had no idea it was such a phsyical job. I thought you basiclaly watched & encouraged. These PT people are lifting people in and out of beds & wheel chairs and doing everything right along to demonstrate, etc. Wow.