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Friday, May 08, 2009

More Birthday Barbecue Photos

Top two photos are of Shannon with Nora and Stuey. Third photo is of Patrick (me), Thomas and Preston - Thomas gave us each a copy of the goat hunting video he made about our trip last fall. He also gave us each a 'power orb' that he had brought back from the goat trip. To explain more about 'power orbs' here is an excerpt from the September 2008 post explaining the purpose of the orbs on the goat hunt:

"...While we were down there we did have a few days of pretty bad weather. The day after we harvested the goat it rained 1 to 2 inches and blew 40 to 50 MPH out of the East. We hunkered down around the wood stove in our Kifaru teepee and waited it out. We discovered that if you heat up granite boulders on the stove they hold their heat forever. 'Power orbs' is what we termed them, and we used them to alleviate bug bite sores, ease sore muscles, dry out boots, and even to melt cheese. I even put one in my sleeping bag when I went to bed. I have never had it so good while camping during a bad storm."

The power orbs had travelled with him all over the world including Belgium and Hawaii!! He said the TSA bag checkers even asked him once "Sir, are those rocks in your bag?" We watched the video at the end of the party - and almost died laughing. If Thomas ever decides not to be a doctor he could always trek on off to Hollywood.

Fourth photo is of Bruce and Nora eating ice cream. Nora loves ice cream. And finally the bottom picture is of Thomas and Rose. Thomas is off to Litnik to tend a weir for the summer while Rose will join me on our Karluk Lake archaeological survey next week and then she's off to the Alaska Peninsula where she'll be working for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

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