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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Suri Sighting at Crab Fest?

This week at Crab Fest, was Suri Cruise spotted at Crab Fest? Perhaps the Cruise's came in on the 'cruise' ship? No, it was Nora with her Suri-look-alike haircut. Suri and Nora are the same age and from the time they were both babies-they have shared similar features-lots of hair as babies and now short brunette bob haircuts.

Over the weekend Nora had her first formal haircut at Hairmasters. Song, the hairstylist, was fabulous with her. Nora's hair was quite knotted on the back and she patiently combed part of it out before cutting Nora's hair into a bob. Song kept asking Nora to look down, so she could cut the back part of her hair. Nora did it a few times, then didn't comply as well. Song then started saying, "Nora-LOOK DOWN or your hair will be ugly. You don't want to look ugly, do you?". I had to hold back from laughing. I don't think Nora even full grasps the concept of looking ugly. Or maybe she does. Who knows. Its definitely not a phrase I've used with her.

We made it down to Crab Fest one time over the weekend-and we happened to hit it at a time when it wasn't raining. Yeah! Patrick had a plate of crab, which he shared with Nora. I had a halibut taco and crab sandwich and Mark and Aubrey consumed several King Crab sandwiches. On our way out we got each kid a mini blow up Dora-doll-on-a-stick. Very well worth the $10 total. Brought several hours of no-muss, no-fuss entertainment for the kiddies.

Nora modeling her summer sunglasses, which she ABSOLUTELY loves! And they stay on her head!

In the Crab Fest photo, Nora's mouth is full with Crab Meat. She is a king crab lover, like her dad (and mom)!!

Nora looks less than thrilled during her haircut. She sat on my lap for the ordeal.

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Meghan said...

great post-Nora is totally the Suri Cruise of ADQ...