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Friday, May 15, 2009

East Elementary Park Trip

I just returned from assisting a friend with her baby's birth and once again, I come home and squeeze my little ones-what miracles children are-from conception to birth and all those years after. They are such powerful forces in our lives.

After arriving home from nearly 24 hours at the hospital, Nora and Stuey asked to go to the "new" park, which I gladly did. The "new" park is East Elementary--Nora spotted it from her car window the other day and wanted to try it out.

I went to East Elementary as a kid and spent so many hours, days and months at the playground there. The same old playset was there from when I was a kid. An old, weathered wooden set. Pretty amazing how it has lasted close to 30 years! There is a new plastic set, which the kids went on, but it was a bit big for them, so we didn't stay long. The whole experience was nostalgic for me-I looked and saw the fitness course which still exists in the woods behind East Elementary. Kids were playing on all the pieces in the cold evening. I remembered the forest behind the school and how there never used to be a fence. Exploring back there and hiking the trail which used to (or maybe still does?) exist. Here I was with my two kids, after a birth--a time when I am reminded how fast time flies--from newborn babies to little toddlers.

Thank heavens for Hannah's help and Wendy's help last night and today with the kids. I couldn't have been there for my friend today without their help being with the kids here at the house. We are blessed by wonderful friends here in Kodiak!


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