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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Another Early Morning Skate Ski

Last night it froze pretty hard up in the mountains and snowed a little bit. So this morning I went for an early morning skate ski on the frozen crust before it had a chance to softened up. It was glorious - the new snow made it easy to control my skate skis on the downhills. I flew up the valley behind Pyramid.

I even got a little bearanoid. I was going so fast and silent up the valley that I was worried I'd surprise a bear behind one of the spruce trees. As I went I pondered if I could go faster than a running bear on my skate skis. I bet I could - especially going downhill. But I don't want to ever have to find out!

No bears, but as you can see we still have plenty of snow to cross country ski on. That's the north bowl of Pyramid in the distance on the right. I started my ski on the other side. Patrick

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