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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mike Rips the Summit Chute on Pyramid

I took these pictures of Mike using the 'paparazzi', high speed shooting feature on my point and shoot camera. It actually works pretty darn well. Only problem is that the video screen goes dark when it is shooting and you sort of have to guess where to point the camera. This is usually pretty easy when the subject is close, but with Mike I was using the zoom feature too. It turned out that I moved the camera too fast and in the last picture (not posted) all that is showing of Mike is his ski tips poking into the picture.

Note that Mike is really ripping it in these photos - no side slipping down the steep parts here! I think if you check his tracks he does all of about 5 turns on the whole slope. He pointed them and went for it. And that slope is way steeper than it looks. Patrick


Ishmael said...

Steeper than it looks? That's impressive.

Zoya said...

I've noticed that pro ski photographers tilt the picture frame to make slopes look steeper. I did not do this, and may even have tilted it the wrong way by hapenstance. That slope is so steep you'd never get me out there!

Pixie said...

Nice photos. That's crazy! One bad turn and he'd really need some PT.

Thanks for the whitewater shots. Probably some gnarly stuff on the island when running at flood stage. I wonder what the fish are thinking as you float over them. Or, if the bears just think you are a REALLY big salmon in your red kayak.