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Thursday, November 29, 2007

We Are Family

The flights home went so smoothly-couldn't have gone better. Even security was a breeze! The TSA people were actually quite helpful and in Anchorage they let us go to the front of the (long) line because of the kiddos. Patrick and I usually complain on and on about TSA, but they couldn't have been better this holiday travel season. (I did get the sense that people in line gave us "snake eyes" when we got brought to the front of the line. Perhaps it was just my imagination. Probably after they saw the production it is to get small kids through security, they had more compassion for us than envy!!)

Our trip East was a true vacation for me. Often times the past few years when I come home from vacation I feel that I need a vacation to recover from the vacation. This trip wasn't so. Largely thanks to Stuart who started sleeping through the night during the trip. I actually had time to read and relax and being well rested puts a whole new twist on the world!

Emmy (Patrick's mom) got Nora a little dollhouse which Nora just loved playing with. Sometimes she would try to sit on the furniture. Lots of times she would put the dolls in the house on the bed and in the bathtub and close the house up, saying "shhhh"...they were sleeping. As Nora is Emmy's only granddaughter, you can only imagine the joy she got from watching Nora play dress up and with the dollhouse. Nora loved walking around in Emmy's heels and hat one evening-see photo! So many laughs from all of us. She was quite serious with walking all around the living room in her get-up.

I enjoyed seeing all of my nephews as well. The kids are all so great with the younger ones-so fun to watch and makes get togethers easier as they all entertain each other to a certain degree. Brooks and Davis (13 and 10-Ella and Dicky's older boys) are especially wonderful with Nora, Leo, Zeke and Stuart. Their comfort, confidence and patience with small babies is remarkable.

We were gone for almost two weeks, but the time just flew by. What a fantastic way to start the holiday season.



Nora and the doll house.

Nora playing dress up.

Group shot of Thanksgiving dinner in progress. Patrick's sister is on the far left.

Davis Saltonstall. What a photogenic guy!

Stewart Walker holding Stuey Saltonstall. Stewart is Patrick's longtime friend. We had a fun visit with him.

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