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Thursday, November 15, 2007

As Predicted - Our First Snow

That's our Alaskan girl - bathrobe, extra tuffs and a big bottle of wine (empty of course). Its snowing hard right now and blowing. The weather service did not predict the storm but I had a feeling (check my last blog post) we'd get one. It always snows when I leave Kodiak. At this point I just hope we do get out! We are scheduled to leave this evening, fly all night, and reach Boston tomorrow. It'll Nora and I with the etch-a-sketch and books while Stu and Zoya sleep.

Today, when I got home with Nora from a trip in Zoya's car, Nora just gravitated to the snow. She kicked it with her boots and slid them back and forth. I made a snowball - so she copied me and made one too. Despite the lack of adequate gear she was adamant about staying outside. I had to drag her kicking and screaming inside. But I am very relieved that she seems to enjoy snow. That's my side coming out! Patrick


Ella Saltonstall said...

Is that a BINKY in Nora's mouth???

Christine Jamin said...

Oh, that picture has got to be your Christmas card this year with some witty saying on it. It's hysterical!

Bobby said...

Adorable picture Zoya! I miss the slush (errr, snow) from Kodiak.

Catherine Foster West said...

I am laughing out loud! Keep this picture to blackmail Nora when she's older - she looks like she knows she's doing something wrong, the little disheveled boozer.