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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Karen and Jeremy's Wedding Reception

Last night there were 25 people over to celebrate the marriage of Jeremy and Karen!
There were small bouquets of orange roses intermingled with bright colored flowers around the house.
Votive candles burned softly-people laughed, talked and music permeated the evening. Such a fun night it was!
Toasts were given-I read a poem to them that I wrote about them meeting in Kotzebue Alaska and moving here.
The menu consisted of elk huckleberry meatballs, bacon wrapped scallops, chicken sataty and platters of appetizers (all catered-I NEVER would have had to the time to make that much food!!).
Shortly into the evening, Nora tore off her dress and spent 99% of the evening running around in her diaper. We were just glad she kept her diaper on!
My sister Bonnie is here from Anchorage and was SO helpful with getting things ready yesterday.

-Karen and Nora admiring the spread before the guests arrive.
-Jeremy and Karen in front of the cake.
-(Left to Right) Mary Forbes, Tia Leber, Rose Wolf holding baby Presley Norkus, Brandi Norkus
-Bonnie holding a sacked-out-Stuey at 11:30 at night



Carol B Zurier said...

Beautiful Cake. Beautiful Bride. Handsome Groom. Beautiful Friends.
Thank you for invitation.
Wish we had been there.
We raised our glasses to you while in Boston
Carol/Mom & Robert/Bobby

Kodiak PA said...

Zoya, you and Patrick did an outstanding job hosting this momentous event. Greg and Margie.