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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Nora Word of The Week

The Alutiiq museum has a strong language revitalization program which includes an Alutiiq word of the week. The word is spoken, defined and used in context. The importance of the word in the Alutiiq culture is also described. The word is read over the radio and is in the local newspaper.
Check out in the language sidebar to see the Alutiiq Word of the Week.

This weekend Patrick and I decided to do our own family version of Nora's language. At times it seems that Nora speaks a different language.

Nora Word of the Week:

Haaa h'iig, which translates to HOT DOG. Hot dogs are of great importance to Nora (and dad) and she prefers the Kosher Hebrew National Brand. One must be careful opening the fridge if there is a package of hot dogs in sight-Nora will break out into a chorus of Haa h'iig's and persistent pointing to the fridge. Louder, more persistent haa h'iig's often indicate that she would like some ranch dressing with her hot dogs.

Zoya & Patrick

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Theresa said...

That is awesome. Raising bilingual kids takes commitment. And cute costumes.